Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Love Ya".........

"Yun To Akela Hi Aksar, Gir Ke Sambhal Sakta Hoon Main.....
Tum Jo Pakad Lo Haath Mera, Duniya Badal Sakta Hoon Main...."

These are a part of the lyrics of the old Hindi song "O Mere Dil ke Chain..." from the Rajesh Khanna starrer "Mere Jeevan Saathi". This son has always been among my favorites mainly because of the RDB music (for people who don't know me too well, I'm a die hard RD Burman fan). Every time I listen to my RDB collection, this song catches my attention because of its simple yet beautiful music and the efficiently careless use of the music instruments to get that lazy sensuous evening feeling. Any RDB fan would understand immediately what i'm trying to say :) but ah yes!! I'm deviating from my real purpose here. I don't usually pay much heed to the lyrics because most of the Hindi song lyrics just revolves around Dil, Pyar, Mohabbat, Sanam, Dilbar etc etc... But this time the lyrics of the stanza of this song caught my attention....

"Yun To Akela Hi Aksar Gir Ke Sambhal Sakta Hoon Main.....
Tum Jo Pakad Lo Haath Mera, Duniya Badal Sakta Hoon Main...."

Its surprising that it never gathered my attention before. I have heard this song a hundred times or so but never before had the meaning of the lyrics impinged upon me. For the benefit of those whose Hindi proficiency is not so cool... the 2 lines transcribes into this:
                 "Its not that I cannot get up on my own from where I have fallen. But if you are there to hold my hand, I could stand up and change the whole world."

Seriously, I don't see a better way to express your love to the one you love. I mean, what's the point telling someone that you love them so much that you would die for them or you would kill for them...................

Goooooooooddddddddd........... A lot of thoughts and words and emotions are rushing into my head at a speed which I can't control with my fingers and my laptop keyboard :)

Let me end this write up with this closing note. In Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead", the protagonist - Howard Roark speaks of his notion of love, which boils down to something like this -
"In the expression 'I Love You', the most important word is 'I'. Until and unless you realize the importance and presence of the 'I' in 'I Love You', the other 2 words are simply rendered meaningless. "

So next time you would know what to make of when someone tells you "love ya" .......
Baaki......., Samajhdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hai :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Catapult Effect

According to wikipedia,
"the catapult effect is a phenomenon occurring when a current is passed through two wires connected by a loose wire in amagnetic field. The loose wire is then catapulted horizontally away from the magnetic field. This occurs due to the magnetic forces acting in the wires and in the magnetic field itself."
There was a time, when I could comprehend all that jargon. I CAN still if I want to... but why take all the unworthy effort??

The Catapult Effect which I am referring to here has absolutely nothing to do with science. Its just a way of looking at things... a philosophy. One of my old friends, who visited me some days back, happened to mention it and I found the thought quite interesting.

I mean we are living in a world which all about PUSHING............ We have to push our way ahead of others to be at par with excellence. Its not enough to give something our best. We have to push ourselves to give out better than our best. Mothers push their kids to the limit than none can possibly imagine, so that they are at least one shot better than the neighbor's kid at academics. Father's push their sons' and daughters' in sports and extracurriculars so that brag in front of their colleagues. And then, of course, there are numerous self help books which beckon us to push ourselves up, push your morals, boost up your self esteem, push your enthusiasm, push this ... push that....
push..... PUSH......... PUSH.....................!!!

Hmmmm... Ever thought of what would some PULL do to our life. Why not pull ourselves a little back? Why race with everyone? Why stay ahead of everyone? When we despair ourselves with the thought of being ahead, only then are we scared of being left behind. So why put that extra stress on our body and brain?!!!

The catapult effect, as in to which I'm referring to here is quite brilliant. I don't know if it truly works in real life scenario but the thought is amazing as far as I am concerned. How does a catapult or a slingshot work? The more amount of PULL you give... the more distance further ahead the baton goes. So why not put ourselves in the same place? Take break from our ever forward racing life once... Pull ourselves together and lean back... Take a few deep breaths and do a bit of soul searching... Do those things which you always wanted to do but never had enough time.... Stop the clock... Rewind it... Remember the good old days... Remember your falls and your uprisals.... Remember your losses and then your gains... Remember your fights, friendships.....

Pull ourselves as backwards as we can possibly get and just let go... let go..... We would find ourselves flying forward with renewed speed, renewed energy.... refreshed mind, revived soul.....

Why be a blind rat who scurries ahead too fast and crashes, when you can be a Phoenix who rises anew everytime from his own ashes.

NEW LIFE .........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Magic Rubber

Ah! Its really long.. I mean reaaalllyyy looooooooonngggg time since I have penned down something here... When was the last post...? like about a year ago..? Actually more than that... Hmmm... Responsibilities, work, job, family.... No time for recreational or personal activities... Too busy with life....

LIFE??? life??? Ah yes!!! Life!!!

How your life changes.. from a cute baby to a naughty toddler.. from a studious schoolgoer to a rebellious teenager.. from a ambitious career person to a wife... housewife... mother... and then.....
And then watching your children going through the same vicious circle again....

At every stage in life we find new definitions for Life. New meanings in everyday happenings. Responsibilities sore... Expectations rise.. and sometimes you feel you just want to break free of all this and fly.. Just fly.... FLY.........

Why in the heaven's name am I typing all this here.. :) Seriously I have no clear vision.. :)
All these emotions got triggered when some days back I was browsing through my old school books and I found a diary which I had been keeping from my III std onwards. Anything I found nice and interesting, I used to keep them written or pasted in this diary. from proverbs to anecdotes, from stories to poems, from newspaper clippings to essays and speeches, a few of my own words and verses and few by well known authors and writers.

Reading through this old diary of mine, I was amazed at my own creativity and imagination during my childhood days. I am not saying that I was extraordinarily talented or anything but definetely much much better than what I am now...

I think it happens with most of us (if not all). Somewhere down the line, trying to catch up with the rest of the world, we get too busy trying to merge and be part of the society that we lose our individuality, our identity. We cease to LIVE, we just EXIST.....

LIFE??? life??? Ah yes!!! Life!!! EXISTENCE.....

Hmmmm... Let me SHUSH the Socrates in my for a while ;) I am getting bored by ME :)

My real purpose why I sat down to put up this blog today was to publish this of mine which I found in my old diary, written for a school competition in VIII std. Though its very ametuer and childish.. its real close to my heart. And I seriously wish............

A magic rubber at my hand,
I would rub out seas and land.

The birds that fly above so high,
The clouds which give pimples to the sky,
Just one stroke and everything clear,
Only the blues which feel so near.

Far from the distance, the hooting train you hear,
And wish you had a voice so clear.
But jealousy gets the better of you
One strong sweep and rub it through.

We set to play a game of cricket
When the rain pours down, so cruel, so wicked;
that I decide to do something about,
I take my rubber and rub every drop out.

One day I found among the trees
a cute little nest of some breed;
Air conditioned with open surrounding,
and two chirpy birdies in the bounding.

I looked at my own precious bedroom
A concrete prison and a bed to groom.

Making a decision in my sleep,
I take out my rubber and I sneak
to the tree, the nest at the peak.
But the two chirpy birdies let me down
And I return into my night gown.

Next day morning, at the very dawn,
I wake and sit, struggling with a yawn
And the first sight that met my view
was the maid child beaten black and blue.

Oh! The pain and misery that people suffer
But I didn't rub humanity with my rubber!!!
Who has got it erased out of our minds??
The emotions of love, virtue of being kind.

At such thoughts my heart shudders,
Killing, suicide, death and murders.
The overworked bee destroys the hive
Because there is no one fit to survive.

One kills his friend so close,
And saves his identity by force.
To the greed of man, you lose every moral
without any sense of guilt, with no quarrel.

Oh I would first rub out the entire human population
Who brought forth hatred, poverty and discrimination
But then,
in the world so empty, alone and wide
Who will be my soul and guide?

Imagination is not the real thing, I understand
So I bury my magic rubber in the sand.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Sometimes I allow the mind to wander,
With no moral limits to hold and surrender,
And I fly high up beyond the stars and sun,
With no place for conceit, quips or pun.

Quasi-morals that you reflect upon…
Political dramas…, they go on and on.
I may envisage a half full glass,
You may say its half empty, Alas!!!

Wait for the astute Luck to come n roster,
Deceit you would find, the clever imposter.
History averred - As you sow, so you reap
Behold your Karma – you laugh or weep.

Friends you will find, I totally agree
With hearts open and minds set free.
“Loser you are”, the world may say…
I believe in what the hearts convey.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It is really idiotic to continue typing here, whilst I have forgotten what to write. Nevertheless, I AM writing...
Today morning(quoting 12:10 p.m as "morning" is an injustice in itself), while coming to office by the famous 3-wheel transport(Auto-rickshaw), I saw something which held my attention for quite some time. I could not take my mind off from that sight even after the signal turned Green from Red. All the 30 minutes travel I was thinking and thinking.. How is that possible??? How can that be?? I mean .. Oh My God!!! What? Why? How? I decided then and there, I have to get to office and write up a real good Blog post on the sight that I just witnessed. I would have to do some googling to get some extra information on the stuff. Then I would have to merge my vision and illusions with the bare facts and publish one of the finest blog posts ever. I had already started visualising the comments that I would get on this Super Post of mine. All my friends would be talking about the post. My blog would get famous and I would get comments from imminent personalities of India. My post would pave way to a greater social, economical, political and all other kinds of "...al" turning point. My name would be embedded in golden letters in the Book of History. I was so badly engrossed in these thoughts that I did not realize that the Auto Wala Bhaiya took a wrong turn.. Momentarily I took my mind off from my forthcoming basking glory and gave the correct directions to the Auto Wala.. Then again sat back to think about... think about... THINK ABOUT....


OH MY DEAR LORD!!! What was I thinking about?? What was the sight I saw?? NOOOOOOOO....... How can i just forget?? My mind was totally blank.. Hmmm.. And it still is....

[P.S :- Don't tell me I did not warn you at the beginning itself.]